Gin | Visual Identity Designer


My name is Gintare Lomsargyte, but you can call me Gin. I’m a freelance graphic designer with a focus on logotype and visual identity design.

With a degree in Creative Communication and work experience in advertising, content creation & social media marketing, I can say that I understand the whole picture of branding.

That’s why I’ll never just create a nice picture, call it a logo, take your money and leave you confused – what to do now?? I believe that design is all about FUNCTION and EFFECT.

random facts

Originally from Vilnius (Lithuania), I’ve had a chance to live in New York, London, Copenhagen, Bucharest and now I’m temporarily based in Hungary.

My not so interesting hobbies include reading, writing, singing and playing guitarlele (that’s a guitar & ukulele hybrid, what).

My recent obsession: sticker design. Paper or digital, static or animated. That’s why you see them scattered on this website. I can design a sticker pack for your brand too, just ask me!

But the main thing you should know about me:
I'm SUPER passionate about brand design and I'll put my WHOLE HEART into working on your project.