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i’m Gin – a visual identity designer for bold and colorful brands.

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Be proud to show your brand to the world.

what is visual identity*?

the look & feel

The visible elements of your brand that create the right vibe and attract the right customer.

a system

A set of rules, a combination of graphic elements that together form a complete and consistent image.

a business tool

The way to communicate your uniqueness. To be recognizable. Attractive. Memorable. Marketable.

*also commonly reffered to as branding, brand identity, brandbook, and other similar yet just partly accurate terms

what is included?

  • Primary & secondary logos 
  • Color palette
  • Font kit
  • Extra graphic elements
  • Stylescape & Guidelines
        + an option to add extras, like:
  • Customizable templates
  • Stationery design
  • Social media visuals
  • Web design

that feeling when...

“After a short conversation with Gintare, she managed to imagine, create and design something that fits me, way better than I could have done myself.
On top of that, she is a smart and kind person, making it easy to have an honest conversation during the process.”

Ioana Stavar, Photographer

still not sure?

If you’re still wondering whether we’re a good fit, check these statements:

If you can relate to most of these – it’s a match! And it’s TOTALLY A SIGN to fill out that inquiry form and schedule a FREE discovery call.